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Tradition Meets Innovation

Zahran FM’s unique expertise is built on the solid foundations of unrivalled experience in O&M and traditional FM service delivery, integrated with a modern, innovative approach to developing sustainable FM solutions.

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People & Technology Working Together

While technology solutions drive our service delivery methodologies, we believe that FM excellence is only possible with the right people, and the very best operational and management teams.

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Creating True Partnerships

Our approach is focused on developing true long-term partnerships with both our clients and our supply chain, nurturing a culture of trust, openness, shared benefits and added value.

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Putting Health & Safety First

We are committed to providing healthy and safe environments at all our workplaces, project sites and facilities where we operate. We adopt a ‘Zero Accident’ approach to Health & Safety management, centered on the belief that all work-related accidents & injuries are preventable.

Meeting International Standards

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ISO 9001:2015


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ISO 14001:2015


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ISO 45001: 2018

Occupational Health &
Safety Management

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ISO 55001:2014


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ISO 22000: 2018

Food Safety

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ISO 41001: 2018

Facility Management
Systems Implementation
& Training

Zahran fm hard services


At Zahran FM, we provide comprehensive maintenance, operation, and repair service solutions to physical assets and infrastructures, ensuring our clients' buildings and facilities function efficiently, safely, and sustainably, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our reactive, planned and preventative maintenance solutions are underpinned by innovative technologies, and delivered by highly skilled technicians and engineers.

MEP Operation & Maintenance

Mechanical Systems:

HVAC, boilers, chillers, fans, pumps, ductwork, and other physical and mechanical infrastructure

Electrical Systems:

Distribution, UPS, LV & HV, lighting, fire detection, fire-fighting & security systems, lifts, escalators, and other electrical infrastructure

Plumbing Systems:

Water supply, drainage, waste & sewage systems, including pipes, fixtures, pumps, valves, and other water infrastructure

Building Fabric Maintenance

Repair and maintenance of building envelope, including walls, roofs, windows, doors, and floors.

Grounds Maintenance

Repair and maintenance of exterior areas, including hard landscaping, parking lots, pathways, fences, gates, and signage.

Utilities & Infrastructure Maintenance

Repair and maintenance of essential utilities and infrastructure, including roads, water & sanitation infrastructure, waste management systems, and city cleaning.

Asset Management

Digital asset tracking and management to identify and capture accurate information, including data on asset manufacturer, brand, model, price, installation date, depreciation, lifespan, maintenance requirements and lifecycle costs.

Energy Management

Technology-led energy management protocols to optimize efficiency, minimize consumption, and change the way energy is used, using performance monitoring, auditing and data analysis techniques.

Zahran fm soft services


We provide a complete portfolio of soft FM service solutions for the management and operation of the non-physical and non-structural aspects of our clients' facilities and buildings.

Our soft FM services are managed by highly experienced FM professionals, and delivered to international best practice standards by dedicated operational teams, using the latest enabling-technologies and equipment. We focus on creating a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for occupants and visitors, and on providing services and support that enhance the customer experience.

Our operational teams are trained to meet exceptionally high standards of performance, service knowledge, health & safety, customer service, and personal appearance.

Security Services

Physical, electronic and manned security solutions, for a diverse range of clients, from personal protection for private individuals, to facility-wide security management for major organizations. All our services are delivered by highly-qualified, and certified Saudi nationals.

Cleaning & Hygiene

General and specialist cleaning services, including commercial office, public area, window & façade cleaning, deep cleans, city cleaning and hygiene services.

Catering Services

High-quality volume catering services for governmental organizations, hospitals, and large commercial facilities.

Landscaping Services

Expert soft and hard landscaping services for parks, public spaces and private areas, including design, installation, maintenance, upkeep and irrigation.

Waste Management

End-to-end waste management, from collection and disposal, to monitoring and reporting, with a critical focus on recycling, reducing, and minimizing the environmental impact of waste on the environment.

Workspace Management

Managing the design, configuration, and allocation of workspace, to optimize space utilization and reduce costs and footprints.

Help Desk Services

Client support services to improve FM delivery and enhance the customer experience, delivered through highly trained call center staff, and underpinned and enabled by the latest CAFM technology.

Zahran other services


We also provide a range of other business support services to our clients, including:

Renovation & Refurbishment

A range of project services, including commercial office refurbishments, small construction works, and major industrial renovations.

Warehousing & Distribution

End-to-end, fully managed logistics solutions, including materials handling, storage, warehousing, and distributions services.


Fully integrated transport solutions, including public transport and school bus services.

key clients


Zahran FM has built an extensive portfolio of clients from across the Kingdom, establishing long-term, successful FM partnerships with many major organizations and businesses.

Key Clients include:


At Zahran FM, we understand the importance of partnering with key organizations across our entire supply chain, enabling us to deliver added value service solutions to our clients.

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