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Zahran FM is the leading FM company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have a reputation for service excellence that spans more than 40 years, and which is built on our unrivalled experience in delivering traditional FM services, integrated with a unique, innovative approach to developing sustainable FM solutions.

We offer our clients Total FM solutions, from a comprehensive range of Hard FM Services, for the management of their buildings, facilities and assets; to a complete portfolio of people-focused, non-physical Soft FM solutions.

With more than 30,000 fulltime employees, we have the largest dedicated FM workforce in the Kingdom, and we pride ourselves on being a 'People Business', committed to attracting and nurturing the best talent in the industry. In particular, we prioritize offering meaningful career opportunities to ambitious Saudi men and women, and helping to create the region's FM leaders of tomorrow.

Zahran FM is also a 'Technology Business', with technology and innovation sitting at the heart of our service delivery and business improvement strategies, continuously driving increased performance and cost efficiency, and improving our customer service and sustainability standards.

At Zahran FM, we achieve service excellence through the best technologies, and the brightest people, working together.

Zahran founder message


Sheikh Ghurmallah R. Al Zahrani

Zahran was originally founded as an operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider, and the company has since developed and grown into a major regional conglomerate, with more than 15 subsidiaries, operating across a range of industry sectors.

Our success today is founded on our ability to continually explore, identify, and respond to the changing demands of our dynamic national and regional markets.

This is perfectly exemplified by the evolution of our highly successful, market-leading O&M business, which has strategically transformed into the largest and most influential Facilities Management company in the Kingdom.

I am extremely proud of the achievements of Zahran FM, and its deserved position as one of our flagship companies.

Sheikh Ghurmallah R. Al Zahrani
Founder & Chairman Zahran Holding


Sheikh Bader Al Zahrani

As the largest and most prominent Facility Management company in Saudi Arabia, we are very proud of our position at the forefront of the national industry, and of our role as a leader and innovator.

These are very important times for the Kingdom. Driven by the goals and ambitions of the Saudi Vision 2030, the nation’s socio-economic landscape is diversifying and expanding rapidly, highlighted by the many iconic, world-leading, infrastructure and construction projects that are being developed across the country.

These are also important times for the FM industry. As the Kingdom rises to meet the objectives of Vision 2030, the industry is having to undergo rapid change and development to meet the increasingly sophisticated challenges they present.

As the industry leader, we welcome our responsibility to drive these changes, and we are committed to using our expertise and experience to set the benchmark for FM excellence, promote innovation, and help shape the future of FM across the region.

Sheikh Bader Al Zahrani
Chairman Zahran FM, CEO Zahran Holding


Mohammed Almosaidi

At Zahran FM, we have built an outstanding legacy that already spans more than 40 years, and that has established us as one of the most important players in the region’s FM community.

Our reputation is, to a great extent, founded on the belief that people are the heartbeat of our organization, and that nurturing the best young local talent is not only the key to our commercial success, but also to the future of our industry.

Through our people initiatives, we are proudly supporting the human capability ambitions of the Saudi Vision 2030, by providing meaningful career opportunities, and developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Together, we are committed to taking Facility Management to the Next Level.

Mohammed Almosaidi
Chief Executive Officer, Zahran FM

Zahran legacy



Zahran was founded in 1975 by Sheikh Ghurmallah R. Al Zahrani, and was originally focused on providing Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services to local businesses. The company developed rapidly, and within a few years was delivering high-quality services to major organizations across the Kingdom.

From these very solid foundations, Zahran continued to grow, establishing itself as one of Saudi Arabia’s largest and most prominent O&M companies, and playing a vital role in operating and maintaining the infrastructures that underpin many of the Kingdom’s vital governmental and private sector organizations.

To meet the demands of Saudi Arabia’s socio-economic development, Zahran diversified its expertise and capability, developing a comprehensive portfolio of support services, from landscaping and waste management, to catering and security, and positioning itself as a leading total FM service provider.

Today, Zahran FM is the largest and most accomplished FM service provider in the Kingdom, and an important part of the Zahran Holding Empire.




Established as an O&M Service Provider
Initial focus on maintenance and agricultural services
Quickly develops full O&M capabilities



Major project and contract awards with Ministry of Health (MOH)


City Cleaning Services launched


Expansion and diversification to meet the demands of a rapidly developing Kingdom
Established as one of Saudi Arabia’s largest and most prominent O&M companies
Sewage Treatment Services launched


Major contract award with STC
Operational services commence with medical facilities under MOH

New Beginnings


Zahran Holding Empire created
Zahran O&M continues to diversify its range of FM services
Zahran Holding ranked as the 67th largest company in KSA


Contract awards with Universities, MOD and Army Facilities


Medical equipment maintenance services launched

A 21st Century FM Company


Digital Transformation and Automation of services


Zahran FM the largest FM company in Saudi Arabia
Over 30,000 employees
Leading the Kingdom's FM industry into the future

Zahran mission


At Zahran FM we are driven by our Mission and Vision, and by our unwavering commitment to be a true leader and example of excellence in our industry.

Our Mission:

To provide world class, sustainable, technology-driven FM solutions; to empower talented Saudi nationals with meaningful career opportunities; and to support the economic and cultural development of Saudi Arabia, with responsible and innovative leadership.

Our Vision:

To be the guiding force that leads Saudi Arabia's FM industry to global excellence, by delivering world class solutions, created with national talent, knowledge, and expertise.

Our Values:

Our corporate values are the principles that guide how we do business and enshrine our culture.

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Excellence Guides & Drives Everything we do

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We act with Fairness, Integrity, & Respect, at all times

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Innovation is the Engine of our Success

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We are Committed to Environmental, Social, & Economic Sustainability

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Our Business is Founded on Transparency, Honesty, & Collaboration

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